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"Preserving Architectural Heritage and Community Traditions in New Mexico and the Southwest"

Board of Directors and Staff

Read a letter from our new Board Chair

Board of Directors
Dale F. Zinn - Chair
Van Horn - Vice-Chair
Ann Caldwell - Secretary
Linda Mowbray - Treasurer
Raffi E. Andonian
Coralee (Corky)Hays
Jane Hiltbrand
Antonio Lopez
Thom Maciula
Marj Raymond
Coralie Whitmore

Advisory Committee
Richard Moe, Chair
Bonifacio Armijo
William and Julie Ashbey
Rachel Belash
William Cowles
Peter Chapin
Alexandra Ward
Nancy Wirth

Cornerstones Staff
Jake Barrow - Program Director
Debby Donovan - Stakeholder Relations
Jean Bowley - Executive Assistant
For general information

Letter from Cornerstones Chair