About Us

Created in 1986 Cornerstones initially operated under the auspices of the New Mexico Community Foundation and was known as Churches: Symbols of Community; we incorporated as a non-profit in 1994 as Cornerstones Community Partnerships.  Cornerstones has always been dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage and cultural traditions of New Mexico and the greater Southwest, using a hands-on approach to teach and reinforce these methods to both adults and youth. We believe such involvement fosters a community’s pride in their historic buildings and strengthens their cultural values and traditions. Cornerstones works only on publicly owned or publicly used structures and has provided assistance at more than 380 architectural treasures and historic sites.



How does Cornerstones work with communities?

Our role is that of consultant and advisor.  We provide the assistance the community needs – technical support, materials, tools and equipment, fundraising assistance and organizational help such as for workdays. Cornerstones expects the community to take the leadership role on their project and believes that an involved community leads to a successful project, one that the community will support long-term.

Is Cornerstones a contractor?

No, we are not a contractor. However, we can usually recommend a licensed professional for historic preservation projects when there is a special need.

How are projects chosen?

Only after contact from a community does Cornerstones take on a project and then on a first-come first-served basis.  Cornerstones makes every effort to respond to each request for help.

How does Cornerstones work with federal agencies?

We are a member of the Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, a department of the University of Arizona. Through this group, the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, and Department of Defense can seek our assistance to research preservation issues and conduct workshops for the purpose of training federal personnel, students, volunteers, and other interested parties in preservation work associated with traditional building practices.

Are Cornerstones projects only in northern New Mexico?

While our primary focus is the northern part of New Mexico which contains numerous historic structures, Cornerstones also works throughout the entire state. On occasion, when a request meets our mission, we will go outside the state but we rarely do work beyond the Southwest.

How can I get involved or volunteer?

Cornerstones welcomes your participation.  Please call us at 505-982-9521 and ask for Nicole or email her at nkliebert@cstones.org.  For more information visit our Participation page.

Who are our interns?

Whenever possible, interns come from the community or area in which the project is located. If the project is on public land, the interns might include pueblo youth, GED candidates or college students, both local and from other parts of the United States.  Interns are introduced to new experiences, learn traditional building skills and often reconnect with or learn about the culture of the area in which they are living and working.

How can I donate?

Three ways: you can write a check and mail it to Cornerstones, P.O. Box 2341, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2341, you can use your credit card on our Donate page, or call us at 505-982-9521 with your credit card information and the amount you wish to donate.


Board of Directors

Advisory Committee

Peter Chapin                                      

Jennifer Kimball

Richard Moe

Alexandra Ward

Nancy Wirth

Sponsors and Partners

Building Adventures Unlimited

Building Adventures Unlimited began in the construction industry in 1999. They specialize in building/remodeling in the historic district of Santa Fe. Building Adventures also does custom work with an emphasis on adobe, tile work, and cabinetry and works only with the best subcontractors in Santa Fe.

Hotel St. Francis

Hotel St. Francis, a Heritage Hotel, has an established history of cultural preservation initiatives. When you stay there, you encounter a distinctive story that celebrates New Mexico’s rich, multi-cultural legacy. Heritage Hotels & Resorts has been supporting cultural and artistic ventures for more than a decade by featuring regionally inspired design, custom artwork, decor, cuisine, music, and entertainment in their hotels. As a continuation of this tradition of supporting cultural preservation and advancement, they donate a portion of revenue from every room night to culturally and artistically significant endeavors.






St. Michael’s High School

St. Michael’s was established in 1859, and has been in continuous operation since. Preserve San Miguel was established in 2004 to coordinate and manage a major preservation project at the Chapel, partnering with Cornerstones Community Partnerships to achieve its goals. Preserve San Miguel continues to exist as the operating entity for the Chapel, focusing on preservation, fundraising, support of the two Mass communities at the Chapel, community interface, and support of the educational mission of the Christian Brothers. They are currently on their second five-year commitment to Cornerstones to assist us in preserving this National Landmark.


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