United World College students mud plaster Orotorio de Jesus Nazarino in La Jara, NM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Communities come directly to us for assistance on historic preservation projects. Communities remain the project leader even when we’re actively working on the project. We are involved only as an assistant or consultant for the project ad provide only the help the community needs such as technical assistance, gathering materials, tools, or equipment, fundraising assistance, and organizing volunteer days.

We believe the community must be the project lead. Often, communities provide people to fill paid positions such as interns, architects, carpenters, and more. On volunteer days, community residents have the chance to work directly on buildings. A successful project is one that the community supports long-term.

No. We do not have a contractor license and do not need one. The projects belong to the community and the work is their responsibility. We can recommend a licensed professional when code issues apply.

Projects are chosen on a first-come first-served basis. We try to help everyone who needs us.

Yes. We have a history of helping pueblos. Currently, we are working at Santo Domingo Pueblo.

We are a member of the Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit out of the University of Arizona. Through this group, the National Park Service and other federal agencies can seek our assistance to research preservation issues and conduct workshops for the purpose of training federal personnel, students, volunteers, and other interested parties in preservation practices associated with traditional building practices.

No. We work throughout the southwest. Sometimes, we go even further. A few years ago we provided technical assistance in Idaho and this year we worked in Arizona, California, Utah, and Wyoming.

Get in touch with us. Call Jean at 505.982.9521 or email her at jbowley@cstones.org. For more information, visit our Get Involved page.

You can write a check and mail it or you can use your credit card on our donate page.

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