Get Involved

Get Involved

Cornerstones works with communities of all sizes to restore historic adobe, stone, and log structures. You can become involved in a variety of ways:

Volunteer on a project site to learn about adobe, make bricks, obtain and process clay, clean sites, and more. Email Jake at
Make a tax deductible donation to Cornerstones to support youth training, education, specific project, or our endowment.
Become a paid intern. As part of Cornerstones’ work, we attempt to find youth in host communities, hire them at their first jobs, teach them about adobe construction, give them hands-on training opportunities, and help them learn a strong work ethic. Email Jake at
Become an international intern. Cornerstones gives mid-career professional architect from Mexico, Central or South America, and Spain an opportunity to work with Cornerstones for 3-6 months. International interns gain experience on adobe, stone, and log buildings, They build their professional portfolio and provide architectural drawings on key projects. We work through International Council on Monuments and Sites to bring international interns to Cornerstones. Email Jake at
Donate in-kind materials and services. We always need building materials, equipment, photographs, architectural drawings, office and computer supplies, housing for workmen, interns, and consultants. Email Jean at
Become a sponsor. Business sponsors such as Heritage hotels and Thornburg Financial Management sponsor Cornerstones and their work throughout the western United States. Email Niña at


Cornerstones believes in getting communities involved with historic preservation projects. We believe an involved community takes pride in their historic buildings and cultural values. We appreciate the time people give us whether it’s an hour or days. We want volunteering to be mutually beneficial, so, we work with volunteers to make sure they get the most out of their experience. For more information, please email Jake at

Volunteer Opportunities

Mojave National Preserve, California

Cornerstones is offering an overnight volunteer experience at OX Ranch in the Mojave National Preserve, California May 23 – June 1. On this trip we will host hands-on training to conserve a wooden water tank platform and finish stabilization on an early 19th century homestead cabin. Volunteers are not required to attend the entire workshop. Camping is onsite. Click here for more information.

San Miguel Chapel, Santa Fe

Warm weather means time for mudding. Come help mud plaster the exterior of San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe. No experience necessary. Mudding happens May 21, 28; June 3,4; and possible other dates. Please register by calling Jean at 505.982.9521. Click here for more information.


Cornerstones believes internships are a learning experience and should be mutually beneficial. The internships are unique in that the intern aids in the development of his internship responsibilities. For example, if an intern is interested in youth development, he can help to create and implement youth activities. Internship lengths are decided on an individual basis. Young interns can have their first paying job and an architect can gain valuable field experience documenting historic structures. Many of the internships receive covered expenses and an hourly wage. For more information, please email Jake at

Interns can gain experience in:

  • traditional building crafts
  • architecture
  • historic preservation
  • nonprofit management
  • youth development
  • videography