La Capilla de San Antonio, Chacón

The project at La Capilla de San Antonio (1865) in Chacón aptly represents the successful resolution of divergent community desires. In a community that, throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, could be characterized as aging, attempts were made to minimize the maintenance cycle on the historic church. To this end, mayordomo Don Pedro Abeyta oversaw the installation of a concrete grade beam at the base of the adobe walls and the encasement of the entire church in cement stucco.

In 1987, Don Pedro’s daughter, Mary Romero, was faced with a difficult choice: as mayordoma, she had accepted the responsibility for church maintenance and learned from Cornerstones that the future of the building depended on the removal of her father’s well-meaning but inappropriate interventions. In a method characteristic of her family and her community, Mary dealt with the issue directly and honestly. Through community meetings, it was decided to remove the cement stucco. Although her father disagreed with the decision, almost symbolically he struck the first blow when the work began.

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