​Invest in La Sala

RAISED: $762 of $25,000

La Sala de San Jose

We need your help to save a treasure! La Sala de San Jose, a dance hall and community center in the picturesque village of Galisteo, New Mexico, has been undergoing extensive restoration since 2009. La Sala de Galisteo, the non-profit that manages the hall, has partnered with Cornerstones. Much of the major restoration work such as stabalizing and restoring brick work is completed, but more work needs to be done. This year’s work goal includes stabilizing parapets, restoring windows, and putting a final mud plaster coat on the exterior walls. Completion of the project is dependent upon raising $25,000. Will you invest in La Sala’s future?

For more information about La Sala from a Galisteo volunteer and donor, click here.

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