• Eddie, Jean, Josh, Michelle, Allison, Mary, and John at Mastodon Mine.
  • Completed restoration work at Mastodon Mine. Every new timber was replicated to match the historic photos.
  • Due to Mastodon Mine's remote off-road location, Joshua Tree National Park's trails crew hauls lumber to the work site.
  • Patrick and Georgina prepare a timber post for installation at Mastodon Mine.
  • Patrick drills a hole while Mary holds the post steady during a timber post installation.

Mastodon Mine

Cornerstones began assisting the University of Arizona on Mastodon Mine project in 2011. After an assessment and recommendations for stabilizations 2012, planning for work began. We hosted a series of training workshops to stabilize the collapsing structure. The las workshop occurred in 2015. The last timbers were set in place and the crushing mill was re-established. The project was not only about restoring the mine, but also focused on reassembling parts of the timber frame that were still on site. New pieces were only added if an old piece was too far in disrepair.

The purpose of the project was to make the mine structure understandable to visitors. It has gone from a large pile of pick up sticks to a remnant of its former self. Now the mine reflects the mining process that occurred there.

You can see the mine for yourself if you take Lost Palms Oasis Road to Mastodon Mine Loop Trail in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Click here for more pictures of Mastodon Mine.

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