Mora Valley Historic Missions, Mora, New Mexico

Mora, New Mexico has a high number of historic adobe missions in deteriorating condition. The project commenced in 2003, as part of an intensive, community-based preservation effort focused on traditional building arts and skills and a process designed to broaden and deepen the community’s knowledge and capacity to preserve their buildings and traditions in the future.

Cornerstones staff provides hands-on training to mayordomos (church caretakers) involved in the long term maintenance and conservation of their churches to help them become trainers for other community members.

Area youth are actively involved in the restoration activities during the summer months. They receive hands-on instruction from their elders in traditional building arts and crafts used by their ancestors, leadership training, organizational skills development, and a first- hand opportunity to learn about working together effectively as a team. They learn about making adobe bricks, including material selection, mixing and testing, repairing and rebuilding adobe walls, mud and lime plastering techniques, stabilization and shoring techniques, roofing materials and techniques and the safe use of various tools and building equipment.

Plans are underway to complete the restoration of San Isidro Mission in 2007. (Pictured above)

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