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Cornerstones works in partnership with communities to restore historic structures, encourage traditional building practices, and affirm cultural values.

Cornerstones also has an eye to the future in conducting workshops and training programs for youth volunteers and interns, some of whom are international. Participants learn skills that prepare them for future careers.

Cornerstones is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Santa Fe, New Mexico that focuses its work in the Southwest, including California, Texas and many states of the Mexican Frontera.

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Elvira Ogard

Elvira Ogard, or Elvie as she preferred to be called, was one of a kind, a true renaissance woman, with an irrepressible and sometimes irreverent sense of humor and a love for all things creative. Born and raised in Pajarito in the shadow of Black Mesa, she had a deep appreciation for the diverse and unique culture of Northern New Mexico. Her love of learning extended throughout her life during which she attended Highlands and various other universities, always focusing on the arts and literature. She and her husband, Al, lived in various countries in Europe and cities in the United States, but her heart was always in Northern New Mexico.

In 1991, working with Cornerstones, she successfully encouraged the full restoration of La Sagrada Familia, or family chapel, in Pajarito, which was one of the Cornerstones’ earliest projects. She participated in its restoration, happily up to her elbows in adobe. She later became a member of the board of Directors and served for many years in that capacity and was frequently on site mudding along with community members, in spite of increasingly disabling rheumatoid arthritis.

She chuckled until she could chuckle no more and all of us who knew and loved her will miss her forever.

A memorial fund in her honor was established in 2016 for the purpose of perpetuating the work of Cornerstones in rural Northern New Mexico. Please consider donating in her memory.


Robert Nordhaus

Robert Nordhaus memorial is in draft.